You Have To Stop And Look Around Every Once In Awhile

So I was going to write a diatribe about corporate fuckery today, but then
I thought you knodreamstimefree_154300 copyw what?

It’s Friday. 

I was standing outside watching the little shake-and-piss dog hump a stuffed animal behind the french doors of the apartment across the way- that little shit will fuck everything, BTW, and can you blame him?  It’s what I would do, if I were the size of a rat and I had to deal with his bitchy owner – and I thought:

Wow.  I am in a good mood.  I really, really feel pretty good.  Sure, I have a monster throat infection and the fact that when I blew my nose today some blood came out, causing me to worry excessively for ten seconds or so about nasopharyngeal cancer, but all in all, right at this moment, I am in a good mood.

I might actually feel happy.  Really, really happy.

Not content.  Content is what you are just before you die, if you’re lucky, or when you’re three years old and you just sit there and stare off into space, making the grownups think you are retarded, or maybe, just maybe, during afterglow in that period of your life when you’ve just figured out what sex is about and the only reason you leave the bedroom is to take a leak.

But nowhere in between.  If we were content all the time in between, nobody would strive for anything and nothing would get done.

That was about five minutes ago.  I know that this feeling will change, most likely very soon, but right now things are cool.

And I thought I would share that with you.

Not in a snide way, of course – if you’re all depressed and feeling like the shit on the bottom of a taxi cab right now, sucks to be you, because I know what it’s like and that sucks – but just to say that it really, really, really is necessary, in these wondrous postmodern times of ours, to stop and sniff the roses.

Like Ferris Bueller said.  He wasn’t just the only role Matthew Broderick performed well in, he was and still is an icon of sorts.

And he’s bloody fucking right.

You Have to Stop and Look Around Every Once in Awhile

Or life will just pass you by.

I know it’s a cliché.  Isn’t it funny how everything nice in life is?  That’s why people use those terms over and over again.  Because they contain hidden truths.

And also because when you’re addled with caffeine, nicotine, and some pills I found for pain relief in the medicine cabinet, you just don’t have time to be fucking creative.

I feel good.  So let me.

Driving around buying party favors with my daughter today, there was a news bulletin about how many people now suffer from burnout syndrome.  Not only that, there’s another, new syndrome, called bored-out syndrome.

You can imagine what that’s about.

Anyway, so we’re listening to the news blurb, and I’m thinking the whole time, ‘yup, that’s me,’ and then they’re saying how an estimated 500,000 of 8 million Austrians have one or the other, or both syndromes.  Then the program’s over, and then Isabel goes:

“What’s wrong?  Why are so many people sick?”

“Um..well, they’re not really sick.”  Yes they are.  “They’re…stressed.  They’re working in a job they shouldn’t be working in, maybe the people at their work are mean, or they work too much, or at all hours of the night, and it makes them feel…sad, and depressed, and really they need to change their lives but they can’t because they get caught up in things and then…I don’t know, they get tired and don’t feel like getting out of the bed in the morning and so they don’t have the energy to go and change their lives.”

Like me.

“Like you,” she said.  “Right, daddy?  You work so much you can’t find a new job.”

I don’t work that much.  Not anymore.  But that’s me.

Then I went outside to have a smoke and watched the dog hump Bitchy Lady Across the Way’s pile of new laundry.

It may be that the winds of change seem to be blowing on the horizon for me (another cliché; more about said winds next week), it may be because my son is turning 4 tomorrow, we’re having a big-ass birthday party that includes parents, which means free babysitters, which means I don’t have to do jack except clean up.  It may be that thinking about 2012 being possibly the end of the year makes me strangely giddy and excited.  It may also be that the common cold suits me.

Whatever.  Ain’t nobody gonna rain on my parade today.

Don’t let anybody rain on yours.

Happy Friday.

Sincerely Yours

Wag the Dad

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  1. I am very happy for you that you feel so good. Truly. No sarcasm involved. It is rare in this life when we can jut stop and say, “damn, what is that feeling? Is that happiness? Yep. Feels good.” And unfortunately, that feeling doesn’t last. Not to rain on your parade or anything. Especially if that parade includes Ferris lip synching to Danke Schoen. But you know that. That is why you wrote this. Because for that one moment it feels delightful, but you know it won’t last so you have to not only experience the hell out of it, but share it with others while it is there.

    Unfortunately I am not in that place right now. Neither today, at this moment (maybe I need to see a fluffy dog humping something?), or in the recent last few weeks. I just feel down. I am not the only one, I know. Maybe the weather, the winter, my job, my family, other intangibles. Who knows. But yeah, I am just not in that place. I hope I get some happy soon.

    But I am truly glad you are getting some happy right now. Everyone needs that every once in a while. Good for you.

  2. Life has it’s seasons. Both good and bad. Be thankful when they are good and when they aren’t fight to get back up there. Great post.

  3. That’s great! Hope it lasts all damn weekend too. Happy Friday!!

  4. RedShoes51 says:

    A Cosmo? I’m a guy, but one of those does sound good!!!

    … and Ferris is right… if we don’t take time to stop and just look around now, we never will…

    Make my Cosmo a double!


  5. I’m confused with happiness and contentment. Not sure which should be the goal. Happiness sometimes seems too high of a goal–like it’s something advertising companies are hawking, but isn’t actually a realistic goal. Contentment seems more doable. But maybe contentment is harder to achieve than happiness.

    Who knows. It all flummoxes me most of the time. I’m a glass half empty person who fights hard to feel either–happy or content. So I think I know the feeling you have. Enjoy! Stay off the world wide intertubes for a while. I think it helps.

  6. Let’s try to quit smoking again? What if you have a job you like but you’re just about to die because you’ve invested so much time and emotion into it. Oh wait. I think that’s burn out. dammit.

  7. I like that your cosmo has a straw.

    Get happy. Faster! And with more sucking!

  8. You know what? I’ve actually been feeling mildly guilty about not writing blog entries, but the fact is it’s really hard when I am either happy or medicated. At the moment, I am both. Kinda hard to get around that.

    I keep thinking SOMETHING is going to rain on my parade, but even the 20 spider bites OMG I AM GOING TO DIE incident didn’t bother me for more than a day.

    Maybe I’m just tired of being depressed in the winter.

  9. Happiness if only for a day is a beautiful thing.. we are in an overly medicated zombie world where we do whatever we can to feel nothing. Burn-out, bored-out…. excuses out. I could class myself as either, I could fall back to the “I am bipolar” defense… but the bottom line has always been and will always be, we choose. We can take a moment to watch the rat dog fuck its way around the neighbors house knowing the next time she picks up that couch cushion.. dog seed… excellent! We can look at our daughter or son and relish their innocence for a moment or five and smile because its fleeting. We choose whether we are happy on a continual basis even by the absence of making a choice.

    Relish the recognition of the feeling, choose to have it again and tuck it away for a rainy day. That way you’ll know where it is next time.

  10. Yup, happy is good. I’m happy that my kids are finally in bed and I can have a cosmo too. Except that I don’t have the ingredients. Damn it! Now I’m not happy anymore. But I will have something else. Then I’m pretty sure the glow of happy will come back!

  11. Everything in life is a cliché, you’re right. I’m always amused by youngsters (and 20 plus alike) trying their utmost to be different. Like it’s their most important battle in life. Wake-up call: it probably won’t happen. Is your name Einstein? Are you Mozart? No? Now then… stop trying for, you see, non-cliché people don’t have to try that hard.
    Sorry, Mr Dad. My mind kind of wondered of a bit.

    Have a great weekend. (Now, that’s one cliché I never mind reading.)

  12. Can totally relate to this… I’m pretty sure I have both syndromes. Life can be really shitty sometimes, but if it wasn’t, we’d never fully appreciate the times in between when we feel genuinely happy.

  13. dude, it’s a martini…with a straw.

  14. Freakishly happy even while facing a toddler birthday party? Sack up some of them pharmaceuticals and send ‘em my way!


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